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"Today's real estate market moves quickly - & so do we."

Welcome - If you have spent any time in the property management business you know that time is money.  Quick turnovers of tenants equals more rent in your pocket.  The problem is that you have to hire multiple companies, each with it's own time table, in order to re-rent a property!  It takes too long, and each company has to get a minimum amount to cover costs, and travel.  This costs you, and your clients, way more time and money than it has too.

Our company was born to solve this problem.  A single company to handle all the steps between move out, and move in.  Our technicians can perform move out, and move in inspections, clean the unit, and even change locks and perform lite handyman duties.  All with a single phone call.  And because we perform many services in the same trip, we can eliminate many trip charges and save you money on every job!

We eat, sleep, and breath property maintenance, and we have it down to a science.  Our "ONLINE EVERYWHERE" system allows us to make changes, and updates on the fly.  We are so fast you will wonder how you ever got along without us.  When you need it Done Yesterday - give us a call.  We work with management companies, Realtors, and individual owners. 

Time's wasting - give us a call and let us get to work for you!  (303) 884-3381

Rapid dryer 

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Combine and $AVE


  • Steam Carpet Cleaning from a truck mounted unit.  (unlike many "splash and dash" companies out there, we are IICRC certified to treat spots and stains to help protect your carpet investment)

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning  Dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires.  Cleaning once per year helps protect your property, and your dryer.

  • Odor removal with Ozone (powerful system removes smoke, perfume, paint and other powerful odors)

  • Rent ready checklists including move in, and move outs.  High resolution digital photos and PDF generated reports.  (replace light bulbs, furnace filters, smoke detector batteries etc.)

  • Handyman service (lock changes, toilet/sink repairs etc.)

  • General cleaning (maid service, trash haul away, appliance cleaning, deep clean)

  • Property inspections Internal/External.  Great for HOA violations, and lease enforcement.  (high resolution digital photos and PDF generated reports to give you the full picture)

  • Posting of notices  Our sister company, Speedy Posting, will post 3 day notices, HOA violation notices, Notice to Vacate, and General Notices for a low flat rate fee.

Put our experience to work for your properties and save money by combining inspections, cleaning, and our other services! (303) 884-3381.

Recent Testimonials

"I've used your services to clean my extremely dirty family room carpet and several area rugs. I can't tell you how amazing it was to see you actually remove the dirt and oil from the carpet! And, it didn't come back after the carpet dried!! I think you are a Nobel prize caliber chemist! You educated me on what needed to happen to successfully clean the carpet - not just wet it down and see if it looked cleaner like so many other companies do. My area rugs came back so beautiful - no color running or stitches loose or anything! Just beautifully cleaned carpet!"

Karen, Littleton, CO


"Pete (owner) has been incredible. The service that he offers is second to none. He is very responsive to phone calls and will take care of the problem very quickly. He has done regular cleaning and has taken care of several dog & odor problems for us. I think Pete is great, and he really provides the customer service that others may not!"

Jon, Highlands Ranch, CO

Temple Property Services, LLC

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